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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

White Buffalo Calf Woman Creation: a Gift of Honor! Bracelet/Anklet for Southern Season, our Song of Heaven!

Beloved Relatives, 

This Bracelet/anklet was prepared for Southern Season, our Song of Heaven. This is a gift for entering the Elders Group, Hoop 1(active-indigos) and for conducting, officiate or ceremonial leader for the Great "Heaven and Earth Name Ceremony" which will be held November 27, 2010 this coming weeks.  Let us all pray for heaven and earth.  This piece is one of four pieces. This is the first of four.  The necklace is of the same design, which can be joined with the anklet/bracelet to make longer.  There is also a pair of ear rings, to make a complete set for four pieces. This is piece one, anklet/bracelet.

Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star and I really enjoy stones and rocks. We have been lucky recently to create pieces for those who walk into fields of dreams, our relations. All White Buffalo Calf Woman Creations are hand made, created and knotted, with silver or other precious metals pieces used for ends, wire, posts and security clasp. It takes hours to set up the stones to perfect arrangement of the song that lies within, for the Gift is given only for exceptional work in the community at large.  Southern Season, our Song of Heaven has moved from hoop 4 listening to hoop 3 networking to hoop 2 warrior training to hoop 1 elders (walking talking, wakan tankan, a Great Spirit, star from heaven shines upon earth), and now has become a ceremonial leader, not because we offer this to her, but because she is stepping into her rights, given by God, written across her heart. She is our Prince/ss Southern Season, our Song of Heaven, that brings the red road, the law of love, to those who allow her to embrace them. We celebrate the Great Give-A-Way with you.

This bracelet is created by God (rocks our old ones), with one side really green and the other clearly aqua, with red streaks within this one piece of triangular turquoise bead. The two small white beads on each side of the larger stone is ivory.  This is from an extremely old ivory bead necklace that was given to me. The knots are tied with silk thread #7.  The green beads are aventurine (hazy with freckles), which have traveled with me for at least thirty years. The white beads are made from bone. The aqua small tear shaped turquoise used on both sides of the red square beads of red jasper (streaked of layered color). Song of Heaven's rainbow colors are green, red, aqua, gray. These again are part of a set of four pieces. Enjoy.

We bless the beads that share their needs, to journey together upon this world.

Your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother (beader, rock lover) and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star your Father Red Hand (who is the official jeweler, rock lover).


Blow in my song, gift to everyone, let it be known, the song upon your heart, sing a tune while in dance, in all you do and in all your prance, feel a tune, live in there, bring in home (inside your heart), the Southern Wind. Heaven feel the house of home, the southern tome (book of life, that's inside of you, your heart does know). Tum, ta ta det da, tome. Tum, ta ta det ta, tome. We're on our way home!  

White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother Sings for Southern Season, our Song of Heaven

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Rocks gift me sorrow, but tears do know how to flow. I guess I will have to follow this river, from here after the glow. And whence my little story, the rock with it's amazing show, does tell us all kinds of wisdom, like a shining rainbow. And when, there is cleansing, the rock does know which way to go, so we bless and bless all during, the journey of the sacred rainbow. The rocks now are happy, given to blessings that endure, the life blood of salvation, the wisdom of old age, down below.  The earth and it's magma, does light a fire within, to create magic stories, that allow us to shine again!

Lisping Wise One our Eternal Bells, Who Slides all the Way

Joyous Creation